Memorial Seat for John Needham

The Executive Officers of the PWA decided some time ago to purchase a memorial set in memory of John Needham, our President, and this was purchased recently along with an engraved plaque to acknowledge the work that he did for our Association. This has been placed at the Kearton Country Hotel at Thwaite in Swaledale which was a favourite place of his where in his latter days he stayed for a holiday every year. We have also had one of his mementos framed and this is to be placed on a wall in the lounge of the hotel. The funds which the PWA are currently donating to several organisations associated with the Pennine Way were generated from the Accommodation Guide that John produced for the PWA on an annual basis and were essential for virtually all walkers setting out on a Pennine Way walk in the days prior to the introduction of the websites that we now take for granted.

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