Closure of the PWA – Some Votes of Thanks

As the current President of the PWA, I write on behalf of the Executive Committee to record the Association’s appreciation and thanks to all of our members over the years since 1971, to all those who over the years have served as officers, and to all those who in other ways have voluntarily given their time to support and encourage the Association and its objectives.

Members I know, would join me in expressing that appreciation and thanks.

The inaugral meeting of the Pennine Way Council, as it was then, was held in Skipton in May 1971 and there were two earlier meetings there. Subsequent meetings were held in central Leeds allowing access by road and rail, firstly at the YWCA, Binder Hamlyn’s Office, Cooperative Wholesale Society’s building on the south side of Leeds railway station, and later (and for a very long time) at the Friend’s Meeting House adjacent to the university. We acknowledge and thank these organisations for the services and other excellent facilities they provided over the last 40 years.

The Pennine Way Association may now be closing, but the Pennine Way remains. I do hope that you will all continue your interest in it, that you will continue to enjoy it as much as you have done in the past and that you will encourage and help others to do so.

Trevor Hardy MBE

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