Yorkshire Dales Green Lane Alliance

The PWA is affiliated to the above organisation. Briefly, their aim is to protect the Dales Green Lanes from the colossal damage caused by 4-wheel drive vehicles. Full details of the organisation can be found on their website.

In 2003 they petitioned for an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order to be placed on four of the most damaged lanes. They were:
Mastiles Lane (Street Gate to Kilnsey)
Top Mere Road / Starbotton Com Road (Kettlewell to Starbotton via Com Head)
Long Lane – Sulber Nick (Clapham to Selside)
Horse Head Pass (Halton Gill to Yokenthwaite)
Earlier this year North Yorkshire County Council made the Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders (ETROs). If you have been walking on any of these routes, could you please write to: Yorkshire Dales National Park, Jon Avison, Colvend, Hebden Road, Grassington, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 5LB (email jon.avison@yorkshiredales.org.uk) and let him know of the improvements to the route in terms of surface and lack of noise pollution etc.

It is very important that we let the National Park know that the increased amenity is appreciated, that we are fully in favour of the ETROs and that our enjoyment of the Park has increased since their imposition. It is essential that the Park receives letters from all user groups: walkers, cyclists, climbers, cavers, runners, horse riders, landowners.

There is no doubt that individual letters from the public tipped the balance in favour of having the orders imposed in the first place. Similarly, letters from the public will be decisive in having these orders made permanent. If we are to be successful in pressing for further ETROs we need to keep up the momentum in relation to the four already in existence.

Please remember, the instruction has to come from PWA and not the YDGLA.

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