Simon Armitage on the North Pennines

The North Pennine News (produced by the North Pennines AONB, which l recommend all members to read!) recently featured a short article about Simon Armitage. In July 2010 the acclaimed poet Simon Armitage held almost 60 people at The Langdon Beck Hotel in rapt attention at a Poem and Pints evening. Reflecting on his time in the AONB Simon said…

People in the North Pennines have opened their arms to me and have come together in places like village halls and pubs for a shared experience and l have realised how important gathering points like these are for often geographically scattered communities. North of my doorstep used to be a bit of a blank – the North Pennines, for me, was a huge unexplored area. It’s now on my mental map although l feel like l have only scratched the surface. It has an epic geography and a variety of landscapes that are on a breathtaking scale [he had just come over High Cup Nick]. It’s no longer a blank – instead it’s a place full of variety and surprising diversity – a place that l can see myself returning to.

Simon is writing a book about his walk which l imagine will be due out shortly and we will keep our members informed on this. As a matter of interest this year’s Annual Walk will be based at Langdon Beck which is a hotel l can definitely recommend. It captures the essence of the North Pennines as well as serving excellent ales (Jarrow Rivet Catcher is superb!) and top class local food.

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