A Pennine Journey forms new Supporters Club

The long-distance walk, A Pennine Journey is to be managed by new Supporters Club. The walk is a 247 mile circular trip and full details can be found on the website.

After much consideration, the Wainwright Society Management Committee has agreed to pass over the role of ‘Responsible Organisation’ for the Pennine Journey long distance footpath to the Pennine Journey Supporters Club.

This new body, in course of being established, will have as its primary purpose “the support and promotion of the Pennine Journey” and its founder members are comprised mainly of Wainwright Society members who have been involved with the Pennine Journey project since its inception in 2005. The name of the new body reflects Alfred Wainwright’s membership of Blackburn Rovers Supporters Club at the time he walked his 1938 Pennine Journey.

The Club will seek to engage with local communities and organisations in achieving its aims which if successful will bring economic benefits to those communities through which the route passes.

The Management Committee of The Wainwright Society has recognised that for the Pennine Journey to make a real impact there is a need for the ‘Responsible Organisation’ to be more locally based when compared to the widespread membership of the Society.

The Wainwright Society wishes the Pennine Journey Supporters Club every success and hopes to see the route waymarked at the earliest opportunity.

More information can be found at the project’s website: www.penninejourney.org.uk

Discussions are now taking place to decide the constitution of the Pennine Journey Supporters Club and an inaugural meeting will take place on 31st March. It is expected that its purpose will be agreed as “to promote and support the Pennine Journey” and the Club will seek to engage with local organisations to, amonst other things, create economic benefit for the communities through which the walk passes. I hope that the new Club can develop a good relationship with the Pennine Way Association. Membership of the new body will be open to anyone with an interest in seeing a satisfactory conclusion to this tribute to Alfred Wainwright.

The initial monitoring of the route is to take place in early spring and it hoped that the waymarking will be completed by 25th September 2013 – the 75th anniversary of when Alfred Wainwright set out from Settle station.

As the press release says, information about the establishment of the Pennine Journey Supporters Club will become available on the website as the situation develops.

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