High Force Hotel possibly closed

We receive the following information from a walker recently so would advise verifying the hotel’s status directly before assuming it is open…

“We called in here at the beginning of July and found it all locked up. There was a notice on the door stating that the hotel was closed and that the landlord (Lord Barnard) had terminated the lease with the current person who had held it. All round the hotel gives a somewhat rundown appearance. I will report back when l know more which is probably this coming week.”

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3 Responses to High Force Hotel possibly closed

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very dissapointed often went for a beautifil sunday lunch

  2. Jim Thomas says:

    Very sorry to see the closure of The Ancient Unicorn in Bowes and the High Force Hotel…I stopped at both on two Pennine Way ventures. As a solo walker I am very appreciative of the grace and hospitality shown by the staff of each hotel. I’m an American that simply loves your wonderful country and am looking forward to a third Pennine Way hike. Jim Thomas

  3. David says:

    High Force Hotel is now re-opened under new management, after a total refurbushment. Haven’t been in yet, but looks lovely now

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