Accommodation at Horton in Ribblesdale

We are pleased to welcome the Crown Hotel, Horton to our Accommodation Guide. The Crown, now owned and run by Thomas and Sandra Millman, is a well known establishment, offering refreshment, meals and extensive accommodation.

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  1. Paul Jennings says:

    Having spent many hours in this establishment in the past as a watering hole in Horton to help me forget about the sub-standard camping facilities in the village, imagine my horror to find that dogs are no longer welcome in any part of the pub in deference to the “cabriolet and stiletto” brigade the owners are trying to attract. Walkers are the lifeblood of locations such as these and to exclude the designer dogs/fashion accessories, let alone the Heinz 57 who wants to curl up on your feet after a 15 mile sensory overload of sheep scents and open countryside, must surely be a big mistake in an area catering for true walking enthusiasts. They are, unfortunately, not alone is this stance but given their location as a premier destination for both avid walkers and the charity groups, a little consideration for the “all-weather/all season walker” would not go amiss. There are many people who avoid Horton because of the camping facilities on offer; The Crown has now added to that growing band

  2. Julie Davies says:

    It is unfortunate that the pub part of the hotel no longer allows dogs into the one side. Having been a long distance back packer visting Horton on many occasions, we arrived this year part way through the Pennine Way hoping to have dinner there only to be turned away because we had a small dog who would have slept under the table. It would seem dogs are no longer welcome in either side of the pub. The 5 of us spent close on £190 in the pub last year… a shame we couldn’t do the same this time.

  3. Julie Davies says:

    Having posted my previous post in terms of backpackers wishing to use the facilities or even day walkers with dogs, I have noticed now that there is a minimum of 2 nights booking between May and October – does the owner not realise that Pennine Way walkers don’t linger it’s a damn long way !

  4. Mike says:

    I have booked one night accommodation in the middle of May with no problem so worth contacting them. I’ll let you know what they are like after my stay but to be honest I am not very fussy so I guess I’ll say they were fine. I am not walking with a dog.

    • Julie Davies says:

      Think it is only at weekends where 2 nights booking is needed. I have no issue not allowing a dog in the hotel, but it was the bar area which bothered me particularly as there are two bar areas. When I have visited on many occasions in the past there were many people in the bar with dogs – afterall it is walking country!!

      • Mike says:

        You could be right as I am staying on a Thursday night.

        • Julie Davies says:

          We will be doing the Way again in June, but at Horton will jump on a train to Ribblehead, where there is a friendly welcome in the Station Inn, good food too. Pick it up again at Cam High Road……..

          • Mike says:

            I stopped at the Station Inn when I walked the Dales Way, slept in the bunkhouse (£10 from memory, adequate but what do you expect for the money – however not a place to spend your honeymoon!) but very welcoming in the pub with good evening meal, beer and breakfast.

  5. Julie Davies says:

    I agree, been there done that one, stayed there last year in the snow. Was damp in the bunkhouse! We will be camping on the moor this time. We are backpacking the whole way as usual.

  6. Mike says:

    The nights stay at The Crown was fine, happy with the service etc but the “No dogs” in the bar sign is still there – sorry. However they were quite OK with me walking into the bar, up the stairs and into the bedroom with my boots on!

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